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image description This studio has become a second home to me. I started going to this studio over 2 years ago during a challenging time in my life. Over the last two years, the Moksha style of yoga, compassionate instructors, and a beautiful, clean, and abundantly welcoming studio (Sanga) have transformed me and my life in so many wonderful ways! I always find what I need - a place to laugh, cry, feel a sense of belonging, or just chat. It is truly a great place to grow in whatever way you desire. The studio itself is always clean and the instructors all have something great (and accessible) to offer. I very highly recommend this studio! Lynn Student

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  • Modo

    Modo yoga is a set series of postures and breathing exercises specifically designed to be practiced in a heated room (38℃ / 99℉). Modo classes strengthen, tone and stretch the muscles while calming the mind and reducing stress. A combination of intentional breathing and mindful movement allows for greater oxygen supply throughout the body, which returns the internal systems to its healthiest form. The heat warms up the body which allows for deep stretching, relaxation and detoxification. With a balance between strength and softness, effort and ease, this class will surprise you with its profound physical and emotional benefits! Awesome for all levels but especially beginners and anyone with injuries or limited flexibility – Modo will always draw you back for its comforting quality of consistency. Teachers have the freedom to express their personal style and we encourage individual modifications within the offering.

  • Modo Flow

    In this class the yoga poses are linked together breath (vinyasa) flows and a wider variety of poses are included in the hour. Emphasis will be on the synergy between breath and movement to help you deepen and strengthen your practice. This class is always moving, and is set at a quicker pace than a Modo class. It is great for upper body strengthening and improving cardiovascular health. Childs pose and savasana are encouraged at any time to reconnect to your breath and body. All levels welcome.

  • Yin

    Slow moving, more passive, deeper stretching. Yin is both gentle, and yet a challenging practice. Poses are held for 3 – 5 minuets. More time in each posture gives way to restoring the body towards a natural state of softening and letting go. All poses are seated or reclined and there is almost always the use of props such as blocks and straps. This class is all about ‘un-doing’ all of the ‘doing’ we do! Yin is also a great intro to meditation and a great way to practice the ability find stillness in body and mind. This style of practice is suitable for all levels and a great way to help become accustomed to being in a heated room.

  • Warm Vinyasa

    This class focuses on using mindfulness to build the connection between body, mind and spirit. The instructors will slowly link together poses inspired by the breath. Designed to create a sustainable foundation this class is set to a slower, steady pace to help you expand and evolve your understanding and practice of yoga. Build strength and confidence as you move into different poses with awareness. There will also be the opportunity to explore the ancient philosophy of yoga which can include Sanskrit, sutras and mantras. The room is warm at 32 degrees, with no added humidity. Suitable for all levels this 75 min class will leave you feeling invigorated, inspired and connected.

  • Power Flow

    A challenging practice moving posture to posture emphasizing breath awareness, steadiness and flexibility. Power means plugging in. Digging deeper into your potential and accessing your unique source of energy. More dynamic poses will be offered with lots of space and freedom for modifications, variations and support. Like all yoga, this is an inward journey towards sustained focus and presence. Give it a try! You are free to work at your own capacity and are encouraged to take breaks and water when needed. Power Flow inspires a light attitude and sense of adventure as we tune-in to a deeper experience of our true nature; body, heart and mind.

  • Freedom Flow

    An energetic class moving from posture to posture with breath awareness. More movement will bring the heart rate up as the class flows together though various sequences. Opening up the body and building strength as each individual explores their potential, here is an opportunity to get out of your head and into your body for an invigorating and inspiring class! Beginners are welcome to join and take breaks when needed! We encourage you not to take yourself too seriously and to always listen to your own body.

  • Aerial Yoga

    Yoga in aerial silks is very playful and totally accessible for everyone. You will be carefully guided towards gaining confidence and trust in the silk, seeing how it can support you off the ground to enhance yoga poses. More freedom in body and mind! The class is limited to 9 spaces so its important to sign up and pay ahead of time. 1 class is $25, we also offer 5 class aerial punch cards for $90. They never expire. Please arrive 15 mins early to give time to measure your silk. Its best to ware clothing that covers your under arms and backs of knees.

  • Moksha Level 2

    The regular Moksha series acts as the foundation for the class, the instructor will take opportunities to offer a new take on the pose or a way to take it deeper. Some more advanced postures and sequences give the class a challenging and dynamic flavour. Expect variations and modifications for all levels, just Moksha with some spice!

  • Power Fuzion

    Power Fuzion links the foundation of yoga postures with light weights to give you a full body workout, all while supported by the mindfulness of breath. Engage in a high energy class full of fun, with modifications and variations available for all bodies. This class will support the evolution of your practice and strengthen your mind-body connection. All levels welcome + encouraged.

  • Karma Class

    The one and only! This is a regular Modo class, but admission is by donation (minimum $5 cash only). The entire class proceeds go to not for profit organizations! Not only do you get an amazing class, but you are also helping your local community! We choose different charities each month and all Modo studios across north America offer this class once a week to REACH OUT! Best to arrive half an hour early, and there are no early reservations.

  • Community Class

    A one hour hot yoga class suitable for all levels. You can drop in for $10 or any usual class passes and memberships apply too. Always offered as the Modo series, these Community Classes are taught by teachers who have recently completed a teacher training. This is an opportunity for instructors to find their voice and gain confidence offering yoga. Come and get to know some new faces as they grow and evolve!

  • ** Music or Live Music

    ** Music indicates that music will be being played during class. If there is no mention of music, the class will have instruction but no background noise. Its a super powerful way to tap into breath and practice focus alongside your community.

  • Savasana

    A VERY relaxing 1 pose class. Just lie on your back and breathe. Just kidding, this is not a real class! But you are always invited to take this pose whenever you like. A lot of people arrive early to take a long savasana, and stay after class to soak up this pose and its benefits. You can take a whole class in savasana if thats what you need that day!