Jane Howell

Studio Manager / Teacher

I grew up in Australia, first living in the mountains then moving to be by the ocean. Yoga has been a part of my life since childhood, with my mum practicing in the living room every morning. I started with a playful yoga practice in my young teens and the journey has continued to take me deeper ever since. My free spirited heart took me far and wide, traveling and living around the world, learning and absorbing along the way from many teachers. In 2009 my passion for yoga was really drawing me to take to teacher training. I Chose ‘Radiantly Alive Vibrant Living’ in Ubud, Bali. The training hosted a selection of guest teachers coming in from all over the world to share knowledge on their styles and experiences. The course also covered nutrition through a raw foods diet and focused on incorporating all limbs of Yoga into daily life.

Since moving to Canada, I have been continuously amazed with the yogis I have met and shared this practice with. The whole Okanagan yoga community is something that has kept me here for a long time; it’s a special valley with so much to offer! And I think that Modo Yoga Kelowna is a melting pot of good energy that we are blessed to have.

I serve the community by managing the day to day operations, keeping the studio feeling full of heart and generally being a connector between teacher and student. I aim to always be ready to share with each individual on their personal path and to facilitate the learning and possibilities that yoga has to offer. I love to be a part of sharing the freedom in body, mind and spirit!

“There is a still place within, a source of infinite joy, love and bliss. When we are in touch with this place life ceases to merely be about us and we feel deeply connected to the wellbeing of our body/mind our personal relationships, our community, and nature”