Karla Fredrich

Teacher / Student

My yoga journey started in 2007 when I was visiting my home town of Winnipeg. My sister invited me to try hot yoga. Even though it was extremely hard, and I found myself wondering if i I would survive, my passion for yoga was born in that class. I found myself thinking about the class and how great I felt. I quickly located a studio near my home.After practicing for a few years, I took my 200 hour Traditional Hot Yoga training. Something was still missing, until a friend, Jaclynn, invited me to the Modo studio. As soon as I walked in, and she so warmly showed me around, I felt at home. It was at that moment my passion for yoga deepened and my desire to share it with others grew.
I took my Modo Teacher training in Victoria 2012 and had the best experience of my life! I believe yoga is an amazing way to unite body, mind, spirit and breath and the Modo community is a great place to do so. There is so much support, encouragement and love for the students as well the strong desire to protect the environment and to give back to the community. I feel blessed to be a part of it all.