Victoria Sinopoli

In early 2016 my life began to really shift, I decided to take on a new direction of healing. At a young age I was diagnosed with severe scoliosis. Through my years of growth, it got to a point that I had to make a decision to have surgery, or do something drastically different. A close friend of mine, who is a Modo teacher, insisted I give the practice a chance, and “just show up”. I eventually gathered up the courage to go. I will never forget the way I felt walking in, and the way I felt at the end of that class. It was and still is a humbling experience, every time I land on my mat. I never stopped just showing up, and because of that, I have become a witness to changes in my body that I was once told weren’t possible, and that only just scratches the surface of what this practice and community has done for me. It has opened me up and, through deep listening, led me to be able to share this gift with others. Together, we walk this journey of self-discovery, and healing, we are all students alike. Every class I am inspired and moved by your courage to show up, unravelling the layers, moment by moment, breath by breath.