Wendi Dale

Teacher / Student

Born, raised …wandered a bit…settled back, in Kelowna BC.
I began my yogic journey in 2006. My practice was at times temporary, depending on my life choices at the time, though ever since the first time I laid my body down on my mat..“soften your shoulders…breathe..” whispers of yoga have always been in-between my ears and etched-deep within my heart…calling me back to my mat like a home cooked meal by Ma.
By 2013 my curiosity took me beyond the physical limb of yoga and landed me, myself and my mat in Montreal, for the (500hr) Moksha/Modo teacher training.

I have since taken a seat “training’’ with Bernie Clark & Diana Batts for some YIN (50hr) & Dina T for some MODO flow (fave flow teacher) (ever) (100hr).

These experiences of YTT’s, teaching Modo, Yin and Modo Flow, practicing alongside you, learning from the teachers around me~continuously lights me up. I now get to witness the softening shoulders and calm breathe. To be a ‘peace’ of your yoga journey at any capacity is an honour. I can say for sure that the more I ‘know’ the more I know I don’t know, which is kind of awesome… an open-ended invitation of exploration.

Music has a huge imprint on me. One of my favorite parts of planning my classes is creating playlists for what I can only hope with my best intentions that YOU enjoy it as much as I do. I believe in the power of stillness and quiet yes, yet the combination of music; movement; breathe, for me really helps direct my attention to the moment. And, if I have learnt anything thus far, its to find something you love and share it or give it away…I love yoga…and music..and learning stuff! I also reeeeaally love my kid…buuuuuut you can’t have her;)

Between motherhood, myself and life, I find little anchors to help achieve balance off the mat in the walls of Modo Kelowna. There is nothing like a toddler to remind you when you’re about to slide off balance ~ so grateful for this practice and all it offers.

See you on the mat, around the studio or even sometimes the local grocery store 🙂

With Gratitude, Wendi